Hello! I'm Jayne, ♥ 39. American. This is my personal blog. Single. Completely Random. Multi Fandom Mess of a Blog. Welcome!!! Avid fan of life & laughter. I watch entirely too much tv but I regret nothing. Forever obsessed with a tall awkward Canadian actor drummer person. And maybe a bit with his Streisand worshipping actor singing girlfriend from New York. Life can be short so let's be kind to one another. Multi-shipper but my main ship is Finchel. And yeah, Monchele. I honestly don't know where I'll be going from here so expect transitioning. I will always love Cory Monteith. Also, I must note, gifs are never my own. This is not a spoiler free blog although I try to stay as spoiler free myself as much as I possibly can. Lastly, I stay out of ship wars, and I beg of you as a member of a peaceful and kind fandom, please, let's not hate on any particular actors. Remember to let love in! I'm not on this tumblr as much anymore, so you have been warned :) Sorry, but I don't always follow back. My ask is open, come say hello! :)

200 Pictures of Cory Monteith - 135/200